In the world of today, words like integrity, reliability, credibility, access and verifiable are not associated with news agencies and intelligence organizations. Part of the problem is that Editors and Producers (who have no knowledge of the subject matter they are given creative license over) are the ones deciding what part of the message we should have access to.

GlobeCastR is different because we don’t sell soap. We are not supported by lobbyists or product salesmen. We report relevant intelligence without fear of political or legal repercussions because we stick to three-way verified information. In short; We work for You.

GlobeCastR, assures you of truthful and useful intelligence with verifiable source information. Our service is better because we don’t just provide you with the news, we provide you with real intelligence supported by analysts who will advise you on how to utilize it.

GlobeCastR, gives you access to “Boots on the ground” experts in Intelligence gathering, security, Kidnap and Recovery, weather and climate, political and military analysis and even search and rescue and medical deployment.GlobeCastR is the new standard in Intelligence,  because it upholds the original standard:

Room of the United Nations General Assembly



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